People in the News

Hillary Rodham Clinton – Politician

This writing shows a simplification of form, and a direct approach to whatever she takes on.  It is interesting that Hillary Rodham appears to flow, but there seem to be a bit of a gap between the name Rodham and Clinton.  Clinton is also written slightly smaller, and with less definition, which I would interpret as a distancing effect.  The last n in Clinton is stretched out which could mean Hillary is not particularly interested in talking about him. The very specific, rounded i-dots are indications of being both very loyal, and very curious.  An analytical thinker, she needs to know the bottom line before coming to a conclusion.


Rick Perry – Governor of Texas

This is a persona (artificial) “signature”. Image is very important to Gov. Perry.  But what you see is not what you get with him.  The signature is not a connected script, so he is disconnected and emotionally isolated from others, as well as concealing his motivations. He might interpret his thought processes as practical, but they exclude getting all sides of an issue.  Plus, his last name formations suggests he is quite poor with  managing money.

He has a lot going on “behind the scenes”, and with the stroke in the Capital “R” moving underneath his name, he can be quite clever about achieving his goals.  The capital R's in his last name suggest he can be rebellious towards his traditional roots, and/or have outburst or inappropriate responses under stress.  Details are not important to him as he prefers to see the “big picture” and let others handle what he considers are the mundane aspects of a project.


Robin Williams - Comedian/Actor

The large loops in this writing suggest his excessive need for on going creativity.  He also dealt well with finances, but was sensitive to person criticism. Primarily an auditory person, he learned and reacted to the subtlety of words.  His signature is clearly protective of his first name (large cover stroke). The first name is far larger in size than the last – suggesting he was proud of his own accomplishments over that of his family name. The last name is a straight line which I would interpret as an absolutely unwillingness to discuss his father or primary family.  There would be little emotional support felt from the father-figure.


Brian Williams – Newscaster

This writing is simplified and legible, which speaks to intelligence and clear communication.  However, the extended upper zone suggest somewhat of an  intellectual dilettante, who is not particularly realistic. He thrives on impressing authority figures, and demands respects whether or not it is deserved. He is easily bored but has a good sense of humor. The signature has many cover strokes showing a protectiveness for real or imagined reasons.


Miley Cyrus – Entertainer

At age 22, Miley Cyrus was moving away from her family as fast as she could (illegible last name – straight line ending (“Stay out of my business”). She is competitive and pretty savvy with money, a good listener and a fast talker. Self destructive at this point – but she has the potential to land solidly on her feet.